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I am a French painter, I live in Cany-Barville a lively market town  in Normandy near the beautiful Côte d’Albâtre. My studio overlooks the river Durdent.  My work spans impressionism to abstraction. Hints of Monet and a sprinkling of Joan Mitchell. But over the years I have  built my own style. I have above all a love of light and nature. Welcome to my eternal garden of colors and joy. Enjoy your visit!

Landscapes of my mind :

Nature of oxymoron :

My abstract Impressionism :

Water reflections :

Memories while painting in a state of Mindfulness where I try to relive certain moments of my life ...
Memories of my childhood, happy memories, significant memories seen as abstract landscapes: all these simple yet rare things which light up our lives with a sweet warmth.
Landscapes interpreted in an abstract language where shadow and light bring a sometimes inert or sometimes moving construction of Nature.
In this series, I look at the architecture of shapes and forms in a refined,reduced and contemporary form.
I call them "States of Natures Soul": It took me many years to manage to
paint the emotion that my garden brings me, emotion I feel and flower's
perfume I breathe ...
Between impressionism and abstraction, between influences of Joan
Mitchell and Claude Monet, with the force of the strokes, gesture and
color, I appropriate my own language, a very personal style for a
contemporary vision of my garden.
Discover them in the "My works" menu at the top of this page.
From childhood memories growing up amongst the marshes and streams by
the beautiful and majestic Bay of the Somme in my native Picardy , you
can see here my more figurative work capturing the power and movement of
breaking waves. This work has been enhanced and developed since my move
to Cany-Barville on the Cote D’Albatre in Normandy, birthplace of