My abstract impressionism

Gallery:  Nature’s soul: It took me many years to be able to paint the emotion my garden brings me ,how I feel it, breathe it. To paint a flower, it is not just to  paint its petals, its stamens , it is to paint the soul of the flower … I wish you a good promenade round my garden. I travel along meandering paths ranging from figurative to non-figurative depending on my mood, sometimes with the gestural strokes of Monet and Joan Mitchell and with the lyricism of Alfred Manessier, artists that I love.

Anaïs Laurent, past gallery director says:When one speaks of a painting, the mind automatically looks for the object on a white wall. But, when speaking of the works of Mary Chaplin it is more a question of allowing the emotions to attempt to feel the elusive reality of light playing amidst shadows, of joyous, bright colors glimpsed through the deep greens of protective leaves, of breezes playing with the ephemeral vision of a summer garden. It is almost possible to smell the delicate perfume of the earth’s energy liberated from the flowers by the summer’s warmth. The artist has served as a vector, a conduit capable of capturing impressions of a moment in time that shall never be seen or felt the same way again”.

My page on Manhattan Art International , Director Renee Phillips, New York, USA

You can also view some of my works on The Wychwood Art Gallery website : “Please visit contemporary online art gallery, online and also in the art gallery in Deddington, Oxfordshire ”

See this article ‘IN MY STUDIO’ Interviewed by Deborah Allan, Director of Wycwood Art Gallery, Deddington Oxfordshire UK

And In Signet Art Contemporary gallery, The Royal Borough of Chelsea & Kensington, 378 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5UZ, Royaume-Uni

And in the Coastal Gallery Lymington New Forest England

And in The Aubergine Art Gallery, Wimbledon, London

Françoise's garden, acrylic on canvas diptych 2x120x100cm
Françoise’s garden, acrylic on canvas diptych 2x120x100cm


New : Impending summer storm, diptych 2x 81×100 acrylic on linen canvas


Through the mist of my memory, diptych 2x100x100cm
Through the mist of my memory, diptych 2x100x100cm
A memory of the garden of my friend in the old town of St Valery Sur Somme
Behind the old wall…, acrylic on canvas, 120x100cm SOLD


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  2. My soul smiles when I look at your paintings 🙂
    Especially Francoise’s garden… I feel like I’m there with it.
    I am glad you are in the world to help others feel so alive 🙂
    God Speed.

  3. Merci Marie de me faire espérer et avoir confiance à chaque fois que je vois une de tes peintures.
    Elles créent les émotions dont j’ai besoin pour rester curieuse, pleine d’espoir et simplement profiter de la vie et de la couleur.
    Je ne peux en acheter aucun… peut-être un jour.

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